Using Bitrix to keep track of customer interaction

I notice many client’s sales people using comment field in either deals or contact/company to store interaction information. Here is a better way to keep track of customer information, use Activities.

Why store customer interaction?

  • Avoid repeated sales call that result in frustrated customer
  • Allow your sales person to catch up on past conversation, remind himself of any events, past follow up or quote provided to customer
  • Allow different sales person to follow up easily when the primary sales person is out of office/unavailable/resigned.
  • Management or supervisor can perform analysis with the interaction data

The screen below reflect interaction history when Activities are used.

Using Activities in Bitrix Mobile Apps

As sales people are always on the move, the guide below roughly show how Activities can be created in Bitrix Mobile Apps. Here are some tips:

  1. If you are running campaign (e.g. Independence Day Offer, Women under 40), using Bitrix deal boost to create deals for your segment
  2. One contact should have one or many deals. This allows you to manage your marketing or track any overlapping deals.
  3. Activities can be created in deals or in contact/company directly. If you are running campaign and assigning deal to your sale team, ask them to create activities in Deal because you can see Activities across deals from Contact/Company.

Step to create activities

Under deal, click on the Activities menu
Select a call or a meeting interaction. More activities type like visit is available on the desktop/browser version.
Fill up details of the activities

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