Using Bitrix24 to manage your prospects instead of Ms Excel or Google Sheet

Are you running Facebook ads and your prospect are leaving their contact information and then it goes into MS Excel / Google sheet?

Do you check excel sheet everyday and then assign out the prospect data to your managers or staff to follow up?

Do you have problem tracking which prospect has been contacted, which need to be follow up and whom are converting to actual paying customer?


Bitrix24 allows you to capture prospect info and then assign it automatically to your managers to follow up. Whether you are running Facebook Ads or Google Ads, once your prospect click on an advertisement (sponsored ads), prospect will be routed to a page with your product and services advertised. When prospect leave their contact details, that information will be routed to your managers instantly and they will get a notification in email, mobile apps or even a SMS (based on configuration).

If you have business in 5 countries, those prospect can be routed to the branch manager in each country automatically. As a business owner or operation manager, you can monitor and track the prospect conversion to customer in a single dashboard.

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