MS SharePoint vs Bitrix24


MS SharePoint start from USD5 per user per month and comes with 1TB of storage per user. This starter pack provides capability to share files and content with you team mates. Web and mobile version are available.

Bitrix24 is free for first 12 users and storage is limited to 5GB. It can integrated to one drive or google drive to allow you to work seamlessly with various cloud storage. Bitrix24 free version provides CRM, project management and team collaboration capabilities like SharePoint. It is available in both web and mobile too.


SharePoint is easy to use and has the simplicity layout and interface where many Microsoft users are familiar with. It provides all the capabilities for team to share content, information, files, documents and collaboration capabilities to get teams to work effectively.

Bitrix24 is packed with features, making the menu and interface more compact compared to SharePoint. Bitrix24 provide all the features that SharePoint can do and it only consist of 10% of Bitrix features. Bitrix24 wiki, knowledge management features and Bitrix24 sites offer organization the ability to host website portals, intranet portals using a single platform.


If you already subscribed to MS 365 that comes with free SharePoint license, then you should use SharePoint.

If you are looking for CRM or Project Management software or team collaboration software, it’s worth considering Bitrix24. Bitrix24 is very attractive for organization that has more than 50 users. The price gets more attractive for 100 or 1,000 employees because at USD200 a month, Bitrix24 offers unlimited users and unlimited storage.

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