How to use multiple mail server when using Office365 and GSuite

If your organization is subscribed to Office365 or GSuite, your domain will most likely be directed to Office365 or GSuite server to manage your office email. Technically, your domain MX records are directed to Office or GSuite. If your Office365 subscription is limited or you wish to use other mail servers to manage email without have to pay for Office365 or Gsuite per user license, then the guide below will help you to save some money.

A cpanel hosting service at GoDaddy cost about USD100 per year and provide unlimited emails. If you are hosting corporate website, most likely you may already have cpanel hosting and can re-use the mail server provided as part of the hosting.

To setup secondary mail server:

  • You must choose a subdomain to host your secondary email. If your corporate email address is, you will need to introduce a subdomain like or
  • Once you have decided on your subdomain, create the sub domain record in cpanel
  • Go to your domain management site
    1. create A record Name=webmail, content=ip address of your cpanel server
    2. create MX record Name=sg (or your chosen subdomain) pointing to your mail server. e.g
  • You can now go to cpanel to create new email for your employees without incurring any cost. The new employee email will need to be under subdomain e.g This will also allow administrator to manage mail server accordingly.

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