How to use Bitrix drive correctly along with Bitrix Desktop App

Here are some tips:

  1. Avoid adding too many project/workgroup drive into your My Drive. You can choose to leave the files in project/workgroup by not doing “Connect to Drive”. If you have too many files and you are doing synchronization using Desktop App, it will slow down your system and Bitrix system.
  2. Reduce the folder that you want to connect to drive on Company Drive. Instead let Company Drive documents stay on the cloud.
  3. Disconect from Drive (Company drive or Workgroup) . Review this periodically, monthly to ensure optimum performance.
You can identify if a folder is a connected drive by the twin human icon. These are the drives you can discconect to improve performance by reducing synchronization.
You can choose which folder in the company drive which you want to Connect to Drive. Use this only when necessary.
To connect to Workgroup drive, you click on the Connect to Drive button. The same button will reflect Disconnect from Drive if you wish to remove it.
You are encouraged to disconnect from drive to minimize the files your system need to synch if you are using Bitrix Desktop App.

How to copy/move files from Workgroup drive to Company drive?

  1. You can do this by connecting both the workgroup and company to drive.
  2. Go to windows explorer and do Ctrl-C of the folder/files you want to copy and Ctrl-V to paste into the company folder.
Project Orea is a workgroup drive. To copy files in the workgroup to Company Drive – Company Project Folder, just do copy and paste.

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