How to register a company in Malaysia with SSM

Updated Jan 2020

  1. Sign up for an account in
    • You shall do this at home, else PCs are provided in SSM office for your to do this.
    • Once you sign-up, you will not be able to login until it has been activated
    • To activate, proceed to step 2
  2. Go to nearest SSM office to activate your account that you sign-up in Step 1.
    • They will activate account based on your IC number registered in system.
    • If you are visiting SSM KL Sentral, head directly to level 17 (no registration at lobby is required)
    • Head towards the queue counter and ask for a queue number to activate your registered ezBiz account.
    • The person will give you a form to fill up 3 company name. This is for service counter to do company name search to see if your selected company name is available to be registered.
    • Wait for your queue number to be called and go to the counter number display on queue screen.
    • Hand-over the form and the service counter person will activate your account based on your IC and do company search. The person will let you know if the propose company name is available.
    • You only need your IC to perform this registration
  3. Go to your activated account at and register your new business.
    • Once login, goto My Business Services menu
    • Click on New Business
    • Fill up all the information and make your payment
  4. If you business registration is successful, you will be notified via email


  • Sole proprietorship using personal name as stated on the identity card: RM30.00
  • Sole proprietorship or partnership using trade name: RM60.00
  • Registration of branches: RM5.00 for each branch
  • Business Information Print-out: RM10.00


  • You do NOT need to fill up “Borang PNA 42” or “Borang A” anymore. It’s all electronic form now in ezBiz
  • You should check company name at to ensure the name is available to use. You need to register an account before you can do a search. Company name search is FREE. Do note that the SSM einfo and SSM ezBiz website are 2 different portal and you need to register both separately.
Use SSM eInfo site to check if your company name can be registered by doing a search in the business directory. If no search result returned for your company name, you can then register the company name in ezBiz.
SSM ezBiz portal to register your new business
SSM Office at KL Sentral
You may want to search for Gloria Jeans KL Sentral if you are walking and looking for direction.

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