Customer Experience

Can a CRM system really improve customer service experience?

Short answer is No. CRM system is just a tool to help improve customer experience. If the tool is not used correctly, customer experience can go downhill. So, a combination of tools, people and process is required to deliver a top notch customer service experience.


Training is the critical to ensure that the customer service team is well verse with the process & technology. Continuous update to the training program, based on real case scenario, situation handling, incident management skill will ensure that the team is well prepared.


What to do if customer information is incorrect. How do you tell the customer his transaction is blocked or your system is down? It’s easy to perform the day to day process but it’s the exception and unexpected situation that baffled most customer service and a long wait for customer. Process is either stuck or block. A well defined and complete process will contribute to the critical success.


There are thousand of CRM software in the market to choose from. Even the best tool will not work without a good support from software principal or their technology partner. Getting the right technology partner that understand your business and have wide experience in CRM in various industry will help.

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