COVID-19 FREE Contact Tracing Software

You can use the FREE Bitrix24 to store your customer information as part of COVID-19 contact tracing requirement. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign-up for FREE Bitrix24 software here. Bitrix is free with no time limit. The free function has limited capability but will be good enough to store basic customer information.
  2. Use the web form capability to allow your customer to use their own device (e.g. phone, ipad) to submit their data. When they are making payment, just ask for evidence of submission or you cross check in your Bitrix system. You can learn to create web form here.
  3. Convert the web form URL to QR code and put the QR code around the shop/table. You can use this free QR code generator here.


  • On the web form, you can create custom field to capture customer name, phone number, email, table number or section number.
  • Every customer visit will be a deal record which you can then use Kanban view to create the following stage; today, yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days, last week, last month.
  • Use the search capability to find customer at time slot, phone number, email or name.

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