Cleaning contact & company data before importing to Bitrix24

If you are importing data into Bitrix, consider performing data cleansing to ensure that only good quality data is imported into Bitrix.

Some of the fields to cleanse:

  • Telephone number – to ensure phone numbers are valid, having country code, area code, no dash or dot and are formatted consistently
  • Address – If you are having address field in a single column, consider breaking it into 3-4 address line, postal code, city, state and country. This will help in reporting and future analytics.
  • Email – only valid emails are accepted by Bitrix during import. Ensure emails address are in correct format so that no import error occurred.
  • First Name and Last Name – Use proper case or a consistent case. Remove white spaces and duplicates.

You can do the above cleansing using excel if your data set is not large, less than a thousand records maybe. You can use expression and macro to format, validate and perform auto correction.

I have recently discovered a tool, that can perform cleansing quickly, accurately and in large volume. It’s free to use and is easy to learn to build the cleaning recipe. It has a powerful data profiling capability, allowing you to discover data quality issue and provide suggestion to fix. Consider using this tool to clean your data before importing it into Bitrix.

Trifacta Wangler. Run on cloud and great profiling & cleansing capabilities

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