Bitrix eClaim & Expenses, multi level approvals and analytical claim reports

The expense report capability in Bitrix has some limitation for most organization to use. We have developed a new claim module that will work for most organization:

  • Allow staff to input their claims and then perform monthly submission of claims
  • Allow supervisor to view the claim details and then perform approval or rejection based on budgeted expenses and project policies
  • Allow finance to perform second level approval based on corporate policies
  • Allow management to view claims across organization. Use analytics to monitor trend, perform forecasting and identify fraud.
  • Support claims by project code and multi-level approval
  • All claims data and receipt submission are stored in Bitrix

Claim Policy & Process

The above functionality shall be supported by the following policies:

  • Claim submission by 15th of the month
  • Claim approval (by supervisor and finance) to be completed by 20th of the month
  • Payment of approved claim by 30th of the month
  • Digital submission of claim receipt via upload to system
Claim Entry form for staff to input expenses

Approval Process for claim submission. Support multi-level approval.

Claim data analysis for trend identification, forecasting and fraud detection