Automate your sales process using Bitrix24

If you are selling products online, consider implementing Bitrix sales automation by doing the following:

  1. Let your customer order your product online by putting a QR code sticker in your product.
  2. On scanning, customer will be navigated to the product information page and ordering page. These pages are hosted in Bitrix using sites and online store, so you can setup and configure these pages easily.
  3. Customer will select product, quantity & delivery slot as configured by you.
  4. Customer will either make online payment or get an invoice to pay via electronic transfer.
  5. Once payment is made, Bitrix will route order to fulfillment team
  6. If your fulfillment team is external parties, they can access Bitrix using the extranet capability and help you manage fulfillment. Integration to their system is also possible with Bitrix REST integration.
  7. Once fulfillment has completed delivery and updated Bitrix, the order is closed. Customer will be requested to provide feedback via email.


  • Reduce paperwork
  • Reduce your time on WhatsApp, WeChat, Line messaging to take order and then tracking orders in excel
  • Increase cross sale when customer self order in your product ordering page
  • Allow external fulfillment team to complete your end-to-end order process with minimal coordination
  • Ability to scale up and take in more orders

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