About Us


Our Services

If you buy Bitrix24 license from us, we can provide you email support in terms of design, setup, configuration and assist in issues that Bitrix24 support is unable to help you. It's another channel for you to escalate to tap into our experience and familiarity of the system.

We can help you setup, invite all your staff into system, define access control via the organization setup so that you can focus running on your business. This is a subscription service which will provide you license to the software configured to your needs.

Our Office

Our team work remotely and travel often to where our customer are at . We are currently based in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur mainly.


We enjoy helping businesses to solve their problem using the most cost effective and easy to use technology available.

We have been doing CRM for over 20 years and has acquire Bitrix24 skill as we assist our customer to find the best CRM software for their business needs. Bitrix24 seems to have the most functionality and can be adopted by small and medium size business easily.

Our Experience

We have been implementating Bitrix24 5 years ago and started to adopt it and help customer to use Bitrix24 since.

We have implemented both Bitrix on-premise and on-cloud. My customer are in financial services, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and service industry.


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