Purchase Bitrix License through local reseller

You can buy a commercial subscription inside your Bitrix24 account, however, it’s a good idea to consider placing your order through a local Bitrix reseller like BTXCRM Solution. Subscription costs will be the same, however, if you place your order through BTXCRM, we provide additional services free of charge (product consultations & after-sale support throughout your subscription).

Generally, the services of Bitrix Partners include pre-sale and after-sale support for both product versions (Cloud and On-Premise), reselling of commercial license keys for Bitrix24 On-Premise version and Cloud subscriptions for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months. BTXCRM accept PayPal, credit card payments online, and wire payments. If purchased through BTXCRM, after your payment is confirmed, your subscription will be activated under an hour.


Bitrix24 Price (MYR Pricing)

Bitrix24 Professional Plan provides the best value for your organization.

  • Unlimited users
  • 1 TB of storage
  • Full functionality which includes CRM, Project Management, Collaboration tools, Website hosting, Shopping Card and integration to payment gateway for credit card payments as well as social media platform such as Facebook. Instagram, Telegram, Line, WeChat and more.
  • HD Video Conference with screen sharing and recording capabilities
  • Clock-in and clock out function for HR
  • Collaborate with your supplier, partner & vendor by using extranet capability to share files, share calendar and discussion forum.
Bitrix License Pricing in MYR. Standard pricing.
Bitrix License Pricing during promotion period. Promotion period is determined by Bitrix HQ and for new account only.