BTXCRM is now on LINE

We have just integrated LINE to Bitrix24. You can now reach us via LINE and our support engineer will be assigned to assist you (Office hour only).

If your business provide multi channel access to your customer to reach you (LINE, FB, Instagram, Email, SMS) and you want your sales team to be using only Bitrix to response so that you can track and monitor, Bitrix24 will be the software for you. Explore Bitrix 24 here.

Bitrix Invoicing and Pay Now capabilities that accept Credit Card Payment Online

If you are running an online business and would like to accept credit card payment, Bitrix Invoicing capabilities provides the Pay Now capabilities for your customer to pay you using credit card or debit card. The charges is as low as 3%+RM1 for every transaction. The money will be transferred back to your business account in Malaysia.

Pay Now

Setup Pay Now with your online invoices adds a ‘pay now’ button, allowing your customers to pay you instantly, online.

Payment options that suit you, and your customers

Debit card, credit card, direct debit… with multiple ways to pay, your customer will enjoy the convenience of paying.

Automatic payments

Do you regularly invoice the same customers again and again? Use Bitrix to get your customers set up with automatic payments, saving time for everyone.

Bitrix Workflow – Handling Date Field

To format date in workflow, you can use the Php date function. The capability is not well described in Bitrix documentation but you can refer to the Php manual for the formatting that will work for your needs. In the above example, I was trying to get the date to be formatted to DD.YY to represent the claim period based on submission date.

Other expression or functions that you can use in workflow can be referred to the Bitrix e-training module.

The above is to automatically populate Submission DateTime field with system date.

Workflow capabilities is only available on Standard and Professional Plan. This allows you to build new capabilities such as automation and executing business process.

Bitrix eClaim & Expenses, multi level approvals and analytical claim reports

The expense report capability in Bitrix has some limitation for most organization to use. We have developed a new claim module that will work for most organization:

  • Allow staff to input their claims and then perform monthly submission of claims
  • Allow supervisor to view the claim details and then perform approval or rejection based on budgeted expenses and project policies
  • Allow finance to perform second level approval based on corporate policies
  • Allow management to view claims across organization. Use analytics to monitor trend, perform forecasting and identify fraud.
  • Support claims by project code and multi-level approval
  • All claims data and receipt submission are stored in Bitrix

Claim Policy & Process

The above functionality shall be supported by the following policies:

  • Claim submission by 15th of the month
  • Claim approval (by supervisor and finance) to be completed by 20th of the month
  • Payment of approved claim by 30th of the month
  • Digital submission of claim receipt via upload to system
Claim Entry form for staff to input expenses

Approval Process for claim submission. Support multi-level approval.

Claim data analysis for trend identification, forecasting and fraud detection