Bitrix24 May Release

What’s new and exciting in 2020

  1. Upgraded mobile apps for workforce that does not use desktop or laptop. Targeted specifically for :
    • field service agents; insurance agents, real-estate agents, utilities provider, telecommunication provider…
    • logistic; truck driver, delivery….
  2. New Employee Profile – custom fields are now supported
  3. Work time – Shifts, Hourly, Fixed schedule, Mix mode, Print work schedule for payroll, End workday after mid-night, mobile punch clock
  4. Calendar – Ability to invite external user, client or customers
  5. Bitrix24 Drive ver8.0 – Upgraded speed in synchronization
  6. Task – Task automation upgrade. Once the last checklist is marked completed, notification or new task can be triggered.
  7. Google Assistant – Use voice command to set task and calendar event. Use voice messages.
  8. Telephony – support group number management & call tracking. The call tracking is useful for business where new enquiries come first via phone. Using phone as primary tool to get clients. Ability to track where customer found you based on the telephone they call you.
  9. CRM
    • Customizable quick deal fields. Previously quick deals only have limited fields to use. Now, you can choose what fields to be available.
    • Customizable field in Kanban view
    • Timeline filters for organization that has long sales cycle; 6 or 12 months. By using filter in timeline you can find specific event by date time, channel, person, venue, meeting subject, etc.
    • New rules and trigger to support automatic calculation or determination of VAT or no VAT. Applicable to GST or SST too.
    • Recycle bin – ability to allow admin to recover leads, deals or contact information
    • Document generator – template based document generator to generate invoice, purchase order, quotation and allow flexibility to amend or make changes to the generated document.
    • Merge deals – Due to multiple sales person working on the same client and discover it later.
    • Voice bot – bot calls the client you have a package that will be delivered to you by 12pm, is it ok? Bot will take the answer and recommend new schedule. Pizza ordering voice bots.
    • Sales tunnels – create automation across sales funnel. After selling cars, a car dealership can then automatically create sales tunnel into car financing, car accessories, car maintenance, upgrades.
    • CRM Marketing – reactivation campaign that has not contacted you for last 6 months. High value customer. Customer purchase product A but did not purchase product B.
    • CRM Intelligence – Marketing ROI, Manual entry of advertising expenses, Manual entry for sources (trade show, fliers). Let you know exactly which marketing channel or traffic source generate sales
    • Bitrix24 Sites – New lead generation block. Newsfeed capability where you can post new/promotion via activity stream from Bitrix.
    • Bitrix24.Sales Center – Sell effectively inside chats and messenger. Ability to send customer payment link (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal) or forms to capture information.
Staff can produce sales materials, write-up and post in activity stream for the info to be reflected in website. No need to involve IT and learn web site design and publishing.
New rules and trigger to support more automation capability. Once example is to calculate & determine VAT/GST

Using Bitrix to keep track of customer interaction

I notice many client’s sales people using comment field in either deals or contact/company to store interaction information. Here is a better way to keep track of customer information, use Activities.

Why store customer interaction?

  • Avoid repeated sales call that result in frustrated customer
  • Allow your sales person to catch up on past conversation, remind himself of any events, past follow up or quote provided to customer
  • Allow different sales person to follow up easily when the primary sales person is out of office/unavailable/resigned.
  • Management or supervisor can perform analysis with the interaction data

The screen below reflect interaction history when Activities are used.

Using Activities in Bitrix Mobile Apps

As sales people are always on the move, the guide below roughly show how Activities can be created in Bitrix Mobile Apps. Here are some tips:

  1. If you are running campaign (e.g. Independence Day Offer, Women under 40), using Bitrix deal boost to create deals for your segment
  2. One contact should have one or many deals. This allows you to manage your marketing or track any overlapping deals.
  3. Activities can be created in deals or in contact/company directly. If you are running campaign and assigning deal to your sale team, ask them to create activities in Deal because you can see Activities across deals from Contact/Company.

Step to create activities

Under deal, click on the Activities menu
Select a call or a meeting interaction. More activities type like visit is available on the desktop/browser version.
Fill up details of the activities