Managing WhatsApp orders by integrating WhatsApp with free Bitrix CRM using Wazzup

Do you have any of the situations below?

  • Your sales managers are often out of office meeting clients and don’t have access to CRM. They message clients from their phones.
  • Your sales team works in the office and uses one WhatsApp from one corporate phone, handing that over within the team.


If yes, then you most likely are facing the issues like..

1.       When a sales manager goes on vacation, gets sick or leaves the company all the information gets lost. It is difficult to make a sale to a client when a certain part of his history is missing. Lost information results in lost sales.

2.       Sales managers often miss WhatsApp messages and simply forget to reply to customers. This often happens when a manager gets the message and reads that but then switches to another urgent task or call. Lost messages result in lost deals.

3.       Managers have to fill in CRM manually gathering the information from their phones. This usually takes minimum 20 minutes from their day and sums up in 10 hours per month. Time lost on maintaining CRM results in more lost sales.

Wazzup helps to solve all that connecting WhatsApp into CRM. How?

1.       All the messages sent either from phones or from CRM are captured in CRM.

2.       Clients and deals are easily moved from one manager to another by changing the responsibility in CRM.

3.       Messages remain in “unread” status until the sales manager actually replies to a client but not until it is just read.

How does that look in CRM?

1.       Each message from new client is created as Deal/Lead/Contact

2.       Each Deal/Lead/Contact is assigned to a responsible manager

3.       Managers work with WhatsApp messages directly form CRM through interface similar to WhatsApp web

4.       Managers monitors pending messages from their clients

5.       Sales department manager controls the amount of not answered messages for each sales manager.

Check out Wazzup and sign-up for a free 3 days account together with a free Bitrix24 CRM account.

How to use Bitrix drive correctly along with Bitrix Desktop App

Here are some tips:

  1. Avoid adding too many project/workgroup drive into your My Drive. You can choose to leave the files in project/workgroup by not doing “Connect to Drive”. If you have too many files and you are doing synchronization using Desktop App, it will slow down your system and Bitrix system.
  2. Reduce the folder that you want to connect to drive on Company Drive. Instead let Company Drive documents stay on the cloud.
  3. Disconect from Drive (Company drive or Workgroup) . Review this periodically, monthly to ensure optimum performance.
You can identify if a folder is a connected drive by the twin human icon. These are the drives you can discconect to improve performance by reducing synchronization.
You can choose which folder in the company drive which you want to Connect to Drive. Use this only when necessary.
To connect to Workgroup drive, you click on the Connect to Drive button. The same button will reflect Disconnect from Drive if you wish to remove it.
You are encouraged to disconnect from drive to minimize the files your system need to synch if you are using Bitrix Desktop App.

How to copy/move files from Workgroup drive to Company drive?

  1. You can do this by connecting both the workgroup and company to drive.
  2. Go to windows explorer and do Ctrl-C of the folder/files you want to copy and Ctrl-V to paste into the company folder.
Project Orea is a workgroup drive. To copy files in the workgroup to Company Drive – Company Project Folder, just do copy and paste.

COVID-19 FREE Contact Tracing Software

You can use the FREE Bitrix24 to store your customer information as part of COVID-19 contact tracing requirement. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign-up for FREE Bitrix24 software here. Bitrix is free with no time limit. The free function has limited capability but will be good enough to store basic customer information.
  2. Use the web form capability to allow your customer to use their own device (e.g. phone, ipad) to submit their data. When they are making payment, just ask for evidence of submission or you cross check in your Bitrix system. You can learn to create web form here.
  3. Convert the web form URL to QR code and put the QR code around the shop/table. You can use this free QR code generator here.


  • On the web form, you can create custom field to capture customer name, phone number, email, table number or section number.
  • Every customer visit will be a deal record which you can then use Kanban view to create the following stage; today, yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days, last week, last month.
  • Use the search capability to find customer at time slot, phone number, email or name.