Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Software

Bitrix SRM module covers the following areas and can be customized according to your process and needs.

Supplier Management

  • E-registration
  • Supplier/vendor database
  • Supplier self service (upload supplier financial info, yearly evaluation, policies acknowledgment, proposal, bids)


  • E-Tendering
  • Sourcing queries – Some supplier records are added to ERP but are not necessarily ever used for procurement as another was selected; this is where a database query can help you identify suppliers which meet requirements from the past, present and future

Contract Management

  • Contract repository
  • Search capabilities

Supplier evaluation (ISO 9001:2015)

  • Defined process of evaluation and storing of all evaluation data into a single repository
  • Assess, evaluate and re-evaluate process
  • Financial stability, compliance, cost, quality & lead time, mutually beneficial relationship


Supplier is to register online via the URL or QR code. This provides transparency in the registration process and evaluation (ISO9001).  Registration requirement/criteria can be reflected in the page to ensure eligible submission only.

Supplier Registration & Evaluation

Manual registration can also be done by employee under the supplier evaluation section. On successful registration, supplier will be provided access to supplier portal for them to upload information for their evaluation.

  • 1.Company profile
  • 2.SST Registration certificate
  • 3.Financial Info (Audited Financial Statements)
  • 4.SSM, Form49, MOF and other certificates

Supplier Registration & Evaluation

Online registration will register the vendor company, contact person info and the registration is put into a business process flow to ensure transparent evaluation process. SLA, notification, NDA can be automatically generated from system and sent to supplier.

Task are created and assigned to procurement manager to assign/complete.

Supplier/Vendor Database

Supplier info is stored in system and all transaction/contract/bidding are searchable and traceable. All communication can also be tracked via email integration. Notification via SMS and WhatsApp can also be done via social integration.

Supplier Self Service Portal

Supplied self service portal allows the supplier to received any notification, bidding, new regulation/policies information. No limited to the number of users.

Contract Management

Supplier will have access to the contract repository via the self service portal