Replace your website with Bitrix24

If you are paying USD100-USD3,000 a year to host your website using WordPress, Joomla or Wix, you should consider switching to Bitrix24.

Why? Because Bitrix24:

  • Provide easy to use website builder
  • Is integrated to Bitrix24 Task capabilities, which allows you to manage activities from website to be managed & assigned to your staff for action
  • Is Integrated to Bitrix24 CRM capabilities, which allows you to manage leads generated from website and then assign it to your sales team to manage as deals.
  • Come with free live chat and capabilities to auto assign to your staff and be notified on your staff mobile phone.
  • Come with free web form which will trigger a notification to your staff mobile phone on submission by your prospect
  • Is Free (for 12 users and below, unlimited websites)

If you are starting your business and does not have any website site, Bitrix24 is definitely for you.

Bitrix24 – USD49 a month for 12 users with support.

If you have less than 12 employees and are looking for a collaboration, project management, CRM, web site hosting and some ability to do digital marketing, Bitrix24 is for you.

For USD49 a month, I will help you do basic setup so that you can use Bitrix to run your business. Email and chat support will be provided to you to help you through to adopt Bitrix. Sign-up now by clicking on the Buy Now button below or send me an email or chat message.

Managing Sales Team using Bitrix24

  • Do you have problem tracking your sales team ?
  • Do you want to monitor their activities to have better visibility of your sales pipeline?
  • Do you want to enforce a standard sales approach so that new sales member can follow and execute easily?

Bitrix24 can be configured to include deal qualification criteria. The criteria can be configured as checklist or task templates to ensure that all deals gets all the required information for qualification. The criteria includes:

  • Availability of basic user requirement
  • Some indication of budget info
  • Duration of project
  • Availability of partner or internal skillset
  • Individual role that can influence the deal (economic buyer, user, technical, coach)

Once a deal has been qualified, Bitrix24 can enforce mandatory information to be input into the system to execute sales plan. The information to be included can be a subset of the following:

  • Risk assessment (operational, legal, financial)
  • Procurement process
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stakesholder
  • Customer Preferences