Free Pet Grooming Software

If you are running a pet grooming service and are looking for a software to help you do scheduling, work assignment and is integrated to your website and online store, try Bitrix24 for FREE.

Bitrix24 is a single integrated platform that has collaboration capabilities, CRM and project management. The CRM capabilities allows you to do marketing (via email campaign, facebook ads, google ads), sales (managing leads, deals, customer interation history) and service (track service history, issue and ensure prompt response to request and resolution)

Appointment booking screen. You can schedule groomer slot with room availability.
Kanban view to manage booking, resources and work pipelines with drag and drop features
Calendar view to see appointments across the board or for specific groomer.

The above application has been configured for Pet Grooming business. If you wish to purchase the configured version or to give it a try, do contact me.

First software to run your digital business

If you are trying to start a digital business, you will

  • Build a website using WordPress, Joomla or others
  • Build an online store / ecommerce site to list your product and accept online payments
  • Build your social media presence via Facebook, Instagram & Whataspp
  • Execute marketing campaign via various channel
  • Execute sales to convert prospect to customer.
  • Build up the customer base, revenue and profit.
  • Provide after sales service to the customer to ensure customer satisfaction and customer retention

The above will go through multiple cycles, going through continous improvement, optimization to achieve the ultimate efficiency.

Bitrix24 allows you to execute all of the above in a single platform plus many more. Bitrix24 basically will help you in sales, marketing and service, which is what a CRM (customer relationship management) system does.

Make company annoucement and track who have read it

Business problem – Most companies will be using email to do company annoucement, declare new policy or ensure safety notices are delivered,read & acknowledged. Emails are used to track responses, maybe manually update into excel for reporting purposes. If the number of employees are large, things gets harder to track and manage.

Bitrix24 can be used in a corporate intranet environment where HR, Managers or even staff can use the annoucement feature to broadcast important notice to all staff, department or specific group of individual easily. Anncoument appear in login page and users is to click on “Read” to acknowledge reading the accouncement. The annoucers and even group of people can see clearly who have read and they could discuss, feedback on the annoucement easily.

Auto Delegate Emails from Central Pool

Business problem – You have a single email for customer support and you want the emails to be assigned automatically to a team of individuals while keeping track of progress, duration and historical trail.

If you are currently using Outlook or Gmail, you need a person to manually assign the emails and that person will then keep track of progress manually. As customer base grow, some emails get missed and issue are not getting resolved in organized manners.

If you are looking for software to help you organize your support emails, Bitrix24 provides the capability for you to integrate your emails into your business process. See for more information.

Defect management for Property Management / Real-Estate using Bitrix24

Want to track all defects raised across your properties so that prompt response is provided and you get to analyze and improve on your project quality?

Bitrix24 provides free task management capabilities that is free to use for 12 users. You can use the task to track defects, set deadline, set reminder and escalate to supervisor if issue hasn’t been closed.

Kanban view provides quick and easy way to identify tasks/defects at various stages and get you to focus on completing what’s most important.

As a supervisor, you can view task/defects that your team need to complete today, this week, next week, next 2 weeks, etc.

The Kanban deadline view give supervisor good perspective to plan resources, time or budget to resolve all the task/defect promptly.

For more information about Bitrix24 on how it can help real-estate organization like yours, please visit

If you need help to adopt Bitrix24, please contact me here.