Customer Experience

Can a CRM system really improve customer service experience?

Short answer is No. CRM system is just a tool to help improve customer experience. If the tool is not used correctly, customer experience can go downhill. So, a combination of tools, people and process is required to deliver a top notch customer service experience.


Training is the critical to ensure that the customer service team is well verse with the process & technology. Continuous update to the training program, based on real case scenario, situation handling, incident management skill will ensure that the team is well prepared.


What to do if customer information is incorrect. How do you tell the customer his transaction is blocked or your system is down? It’s easy to perform the day to day process but it’s the exception and unexpected situation that baffled most customer service and a long wait for customer. Process is either stuck or block. A well defined and complete process will contribute to the critical success.


There are thousand of CRM software in the market to choose from. Even the best tool will not work without a good support from software principal or their technology partner. Getting the right technology partner that understand your business and have wide experience in CRM in various industry will help.

Performance Test vs Performance Monitoring

If you are doing a performance test in your system before rolling it out to users, you are measuring the system based on assumptions. It’s a good start but what happen next? Do you invest in another tool / solution to ensure the system is running as expected?

Consider investing in application performance monitoring tool that can help you do performance test before you roll-out your system and also continuous monitoring and automated tuning. This will also allow you to rollout your system in smaller scale and optimize as you go instead of investing heavily at one go. Start small and adopt continuous improvement is a methodology that organization should take.

Intranet Solution

Need a platform for your employees to share files, collaborate, discuss and find each others?

Bitrix can be adopted as your enterprise intranet solution for just USD199 a month for ALL your employees with unlimited storage.

If you have 5,000 employees in your organization, that’s just USD0.04 cents per employee to get the following capabilities:

  • Employee directory, complete with profile picture, their background, skillset and contact information. This allows your employee to connect and collaborate with each other easily across the world. Free chat and video call capability included.
  • Each department can have their own wiki page and drive to store files related to their department with complete security and privacy. No limit to the number of files and size.
  • Project team and interest group can create their own section/workgroup and share files with each other.

Contact Center Solutions

Looking for a CRM solution with IVR/PABX solution for your helpdesk / contact center?

Bitrix contact center solution start from USD5,000 for up to 20 agents. This includes CRM software and PABX. What you get:

  • A CRM solution complete with contact, company, task/ticketing, escalation, notification and reporting functionality that ensure all your customer information are stored safely and you have full historical tracking of all communications with customer.
  • A PABX system that ensures all calls made to your helpline phone numbers are logged and registered into CRM system. Any outbound communication with your customers are also tracked via this system.

Our solution will re-use your existing local number (SIP Trunk). We can help you to get new numbers with local telecommunication provider too.

Bitrix Leads management

You & your sales team are getting leads from WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, how do you push all these leads into a single repository and database to be managed?

Using Bitrix email to leads capability, setup the Bitrix email into your phone. Then forward the leads you are getting from email, messages, whatapp into the email for the leads to be created in Bitrix.

Get all your sales team to do the same, then you have all leads registered in a single place.

Setup your website & your e-commerce portal with Bitrix web form so that all inquiry from your website goes into Bitrix leads.

Setup Facebook or Intagram integration to Bitrix so that every messages sent from Facebook and Instragram are created as leads in Bitrix